The first step to create is… to become aware. Start by becoming aware of every thought that runs through your head, of the way you talk, of the way you act, of the way you react…just start noticing and paying attention. No judgment, just pure curiosity. Then, notice how you feel. Ask yourself how you feel all day long…how certain thoughts make you feel, how certain people make you feel, how events that happen around you make you feel. Are you feeling relaxed, serene, whole or are you feeling stressed, sad, anxious, overwhelmed or simply unhappy? Well if it’s the latter, and if you are reading these lines, I am assuming you are ready to change that! You are tired of feeling unhappy, you are tired of not feel good about yourself. You are tired of being you. But it is so hard to change, isn’t it? Maybe you feel good for a couple of hours, you managed to change a bad habit for a couple of days, and then, booom! Back to reality oh! There comes gravity! oh! And you come back at square one, with even more frustration than before because you thought you were out of there…but…no…

The reason why it is so easy to fall back into the old unhappy thoughts and feelings is because we are so used to them, we had them for so long, that they have become automatic, we have programmed them into our brain. Basically, they have become our status quo. Our normality. They are part of our sub-conscious and secretly drive every action we take. They are our autopilot in a way. Our sub-conscious gets programmed, as Thais Gibson explains it so well and in depth in her extremely comprehensive courses, by repetition plus emotions. So for example, if you grew up in a household where you mom where telling you every day that you were not good enough, well that’s probably how you feel now, in your thirties. And you have probably created a life that reflects that. So, you grow up thinking and feeling like you were not good enough just because it was repeated to you by someone you deeply cared about therefore produced an intense emotion, then you started to act like that was true, so you created a reality were you are, according to you, not good enough. And the sub-conscious is so strong, and creates such deep roots within your personality, that no matter what happens to you, no matter what other people say, you will always feel like you are not good enough, and you won’t even realize it! You focus so much you attention on that, that you will end of only seeing that you are not good enough, nothing else. This is actually more common than you think. How many people have perfectly good lives but are depressed? Why do you think is that? Well, it is because no matter what happens in the external world, if inside of you you feel unworthy, bad, a failure, a fraud etc etc, than that is what matters. Even if you have a wife that loves you, even if you have a decent job, even if you are in good health. And mind me, this does not mean that external factors cannot contribute to how you feel. But, how many people decide to stay in toxic situations or negative environment without really trying to get out of them, even if they would like to? Well, if deep inside of you you feel like you do not deserve anything better or you fear being alone, then you will not change anything.

What does that mean? That our internal world is much more powerful than our external world. So, what we think and what we feel on a daily basis is what actually creates our reality. It is like the food or fuel that makes our day actually happen the way it does. This is why it is key to be aware of your thoughts and feelings, because only then you understand how and why you reality gets created, it is the building blocks.

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