Even when we reach a point, a beautiful and meaningful point, of living in the higher dimension basically all the time, it can happen that, sometimes, we fall back to the old dimension. It doesn’t have to be a dimension that is really low frequency, but one when you are overall ok but definitely not in the higher one, not completely connected to the source. There can be plenty of reasons for it, just for example an external fact or event that all of a sudden takes over, and that bring with it negative or not needed thoughts, that disconnects us from the source, from living in the present moment. Like Joe Dispenza says, where you put your energy it what creates your reality. So if you start putting all your energy in some events that you perceive as negative or destabilizing, weather by reliving them or projecting a future based on them (basically meaning that you more often than not think about them), then it means that you are not living in the present moment and have less energy to create the life you really want (and are also attracting a future based on those events that you actually really don’t want!!).

So when that happens, what to do to get back to the blissful state of the present moment, where these thoughts do not matter? Well, for sure the first step is to realize that this event is affecting you and, even if maybe you wouldn’t want it, it is important on a sub-conscious level, which is why your mind thinks about it over and over. Repressing your emotions and pretending all is well unfortunately does not get rid of them, it can actually make it even worse, on a subconscious level, as you are not being true to yourself and you are neglecting your own needs. Emotions are not the enemy, emotions are only showing us what is inside of us. If an event happen and we can very quickly and truly get over it, then great! But if we can’t, and the thoughts and emotions start affecting us more than we would like, then it is important to take the time for ourselves to assess what is really going on. For example, maybe a person you care about said something that really hurt you, or maybe you did not get the job you really wanted. Two very different scenarios that can make you feel hurt, not loved, rejected, etc, and that is normal!! You can meditate on it all you want but, sometimes, what we truly need in order to move on is clarity and to express your needs and boundaries. If the person you love told you something that hurt you, after you both have cooled down, it is important to express it, in a calm and loving way, to understand the root cause of it and work on it together. People are not perfect, feelings get hurt, that happens all the time. But more often than not relationships (weather its with family, friends or partners) fall apart not really because of what has been said, but because of the meaning and interpretation we give to them and then the assumptions and beliefs we create. If we could only clearly communicate how those words affected us and understand the reason behind, we would have some sort of closure, more understanding and love for ourselves and the other person, and the thinking would mostly stop.

With this said, there is a balance to it, of course. If you get upset because a person does not say i love you every two minutes, well maybe there is also some internal serious work that needs to happen, and one cannot just expect the other person to blindly meet our need which is based on nothing else than fear.

So it is an extremely delicate balance, but the more you work on yourself, the more you truly believe in yourself, than the easier this balance gets. And as soon as you take action (when action can be taken), you will start make some clarity in your mind, and if needed after some reprogramming meditations, your mind creates closure, meaning that you don’t need to overthink about that event anymore, and can be in the present again. If no action can be taken, then it is really just a matters of accepting it, learning from it, doing reprogramming work if needed and move on really.

And now, you are back to the beautiful present moment, where only the higher dimension exists, and where you are free to create your life!

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