This moment, right now, this very moment, is everything. This is the only moment you are actually existing, did you know that? Only now, now. This is the most precious moment you will ever have and have ever had. This is where everything gets created. Now, you can choose among infinite possibilities. Now, you can be aware. Now, you can be grateful for the simple and yet magnificent fact that you are alive. You are alive! Isn’t this simply amazing? Makes you want to dance and laugh! When you have learned to overcome all you programmed fears and worries.. the only thing that is left is love in the present moment, that is all. Fear is not the opposite of love, fear is the absence of love. Love is whole, love is everything. Love is the only, the only thing that matters, nothing else really does. Feel these waves of love… you are an infinite being, you are the creator.. freedomlovefreedomfreedomlovelovelovelove

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