How many times did you catch yourself thinking ”when I’ll do this, when I’ll be that, then I’ll finally be happy”? Oh, that happens so often, every day! And did you ever notice that, if you actually reach that objective, you do feel satisfied for a bit, but your mind then almost immediately switches back to wanting another goal, another better way of being? The feeling that reaching that goal brought you slowly fades away. And all of a sudden you realize that it was never really about the goal, that is not what actually made you happy. Because, sometimes, you reach that goal, and then think ”ok, now what?”.

The real reason we want to achieve certain goals is not for the goal it self, but it’s for the feeling they bring us, for the state of mind they put us in. A sense of achievement, a sense of worthiness, a sense of feeling loved, or valued. And it is true, we feel that way when we reach a goal. But why does it then fade away so quickly? why can’t we just be long term happy with it? Why do we need another goal? Well, because we think that is the only way to bring that feeling back.

But what if…what if we were able, or better, what if we realized that we can be in those feelings without the need to reach an outside goal? What if I did not need a relationship to feel loved? what if I a did not need a promotion or a new job to feel like I am worthy? What if I just knew I was… and did not need anything else coming from the outside to awake that feeling in me? Then it would mean that I would constantly feel loved, valued, appreciated, free, worthy.. even not doing anything! I would mean I would feel free to try doing new things, to make mistakes, to experience life the fullest, because my sense of happiness and love would not be subjective to external events. It would mean to be free to fall and get up, in total happiness! It would mean to truly live life as a playground.

It would mean to truly appreciate and love what you have, what surrounds you, without being attached to it in a toxic way, without any real need.

And guess what.. you can. That is actually what awareness is all about. It is understanding, or more, having the inner deep solid knowing, that all that matters is what is inside of you, that you create your own reality, you create what is out there, the so called space time reality. You create it, you are not a slave it to! You do not need to depend on a space and a time.. you can be infinite, you can be everywhere, everything, right now. You can be all the love there is, all the freedom there is, all the satisfaction there is, right now. You can just choose it. It takes a lot of work to get there.. but I assure you, you can!

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