A person’s soul has been defined in numerous ways across time, and has manifested itself with different interpretations across religious and spiritual practices. However the intrinsic quality that is common across all, is that the soul is the animating force that moves and guides us through life.

Each religion or practice has their own ideas of what happens to the soul. Some believe the soul will pass into heaven or hell depending on one’s behaviour in life, judged by a separate creating force (God/Allah). Others believe the soul will reincarnate into a new life, and which life that is, is dependent on the views of the practice.

The idea I want to talk about here comes from studies into vibrations. Vibrations are what makes up the universe, ranging from cosmic vibrations and beyond, to vibrations slowed down enough we call matter. It is of course a lot more complex than this when we take string theory into account for example. But even this indicates the universe is made up of tiny strings that vibrate at specific frequencies to form subatomic particles.

Our auditory senses can detect frequencies that our visual perception cannot pick up on. We have 3 cones of vision, allowing us to visually perceive the visible light spectrum. But our evolution began in survival mode, it has only brought us so far. Some ranges of vibration are inconceivable to our biological toolbelt.

All vibrations contain information that influences the energy around and forms it into representable shapes. We can see this clearly in the study of cymatics, demonstrated beautifully in the video below:

If you want to learn more about cymatics, take a look at the work done by Hans Jenny. Hans Jenny’s – Cymatic Soundscapes.

When grains of dust like material or water are placed on a plate, and vibrations are sent through it, the plate resonates with the sound and forms the matter into different shapes. The higher the vibration becomes, the more complex the shape becomes.

If we take the same lens and shine it on the soul, we can view it as a vibrational essence, the animating force that suspends matter in particular ways – just as the vibrations used in cymatic experiments form shapes. And just like in cymatics with the plate, when the soul’s vibrations resonate at higher frequencies the shape will naturally become more complex.

The life that the soul can manipulate and form is dependent on the frequency the soul vibrates. And its journey through evolution allows it over time to form more and more complex life as its vibrational composition increases. As it resonates higher and higher, we reach new states of awareness – reaching beyond our dimension, until we vibrate so quickly we can join in unity with the awareness that sits at the highest dimension, perceiving the inconceivable complexities of the infinite.

The soul is not a separate entity to “the ultimate awareness/God/Allah/etc”, but rather a fractal of it, that explores the infinite cosmos and beyond. It is not separate, but it is us. The soul is the musician that strums the notes of life. We are a song in the infinite cosmic symphony, experiencing the intertwining of energetic frequencies along the way.

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of the atom to vibration. I must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter”

– Max Planck

The only thing “required” of us is to play the best damn song we can. Follow our intuition, do what we love. Express and trust ourselves in the purest and most meaningful way we can. Keep our vibrations high by living in positive emotions. Your story is vital for the complete infinite experience, and all you need to do is your best.

One response to “The Soul as Vibration”

  1. enlightenedatom avatar

    Thank you for this post.. it is really insightful and beautifully written! I have a question related to evolution and vibration.. so do you think the faster the vibration the more complex the actual body biology becomes? It does make sense to think that the more aware a being becomes the more its physical body morphs (both inside and outside) to adapt to the new level of reality that is reviled by the new level of awareness and consciousness.. for example, even in human beings, new levels of awareness/consciousness makes us better understand reality and access (or at least perceive) different dimensions that require faster vibrations. The more the human race systematically accesses and recognizes this new reality, the more the brain will adapt to better perceive it, as it will become part of our daily experience, so the more evolved the human experience will become.


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