What is music, really?


Why is music so important in all cultures, at any time of our life on earth, everywhere? What it is that makes it, almost, magic? Well.. music is actually a portal and it is a creating force. Music is made of sounds. Sounds are made of frequencies and vibrations. Frequencies and vibrations shape the reality as we see it. What we see is just a visual manifestation of frequencies and vibrations. I saw in a documentary that the mandalas are so important not because of the beautiful symmetrical geometrical shapes they have, but because of the sound that made them. Frequencies and vibrations aggregate matter in different forms. There are plenty of beautiful experiments that you can see, called cymatics. That is the om, it is the sound, the vibration of the universe, the field, the source of our visual reality. And the purer and higher the frequency, the closer it is the the original sound, the om. In that frequency, all is love, all is beautiful, all is harmonious, all is free.

So, when we, human with consciousness, decide to vibrate at a certain higher, graceful, beautiful and harmonious frequency, well we will create a reality that is that way as well. This means that a human being literally creates its own reality from its frequency.

What we generally call ”love”, is, simply put, higher frequencies that create beautiful feelings and beautiful manifestations. Love is a creating force.

Music is also a portal. Because some tunes, made of specific sounds and frequencies, get you to purposely change a state of a person or of masses, without any movement needed so in a passive manner, continuously and deeply. The frequencies and vibrations of music alter your state even without you wanting to or without you being aware of it. They just get in your brain and body and alters it. They create, when powerful, a big wave of change. And can even put you in a trance. It is common to use music (and I include chants) in religious or spiritual ceremonies for example, or when performing a certain ritual. It puts the energy of all people present in a certain state, so that all can access a certain universe rather than another one. And they get to create a new reality, that vibrates at a different frequency.

It is also very common for people purposely use music to be put in a certain state that make them feel certain emotions. For example, when an accountant goes to break dance classes, it is not only because he likes that particular style of dance, but most importantly because it makes him be in a state of total freedom, total expression of his being, without any care or problem in the world, even if for just 30 minutes. In a way, he gets to feel feelings like freedom or flow that he may have difficulties in accessing in his daily life. He basically comes a different person, for those 30 minutes. Unfortunately, expressing oneself or feeling flow just for 30 minutes and then getting back to a life where one feels oppressed and in a cage won’t put you in a parallel universe, it will just make you have a glimpse at it; it is up to you to take the necessary action to actually make the jump, to become the person who constantly is in that state.

So, when I say music is a portal, it is because it can purposely and on a sub-conscious level put you in a different state that will allow for you to make different actions, and as such create a new reality. With training and exercise you can also change your state and frequencies yourself, but that requires very high levels of awareness and comprehension that not many people reach. Music, well music is for the masses! It is the most elegant and subtitle way to change the tune, to change the frequency of a person, and therefore allowing that person to step in a parallel world, a world that is aligned with that new frequency and state of being. If your brain is sensitive enough, with music one can enter into no time and no space, into the beautiful, sweet, magnificently beautiful present moment, that is the basis for creation. So, this is music.

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