Have you ever heard the quote ”be the creator of your life, not the victim”? Such a powerful and true sentence, managing to contain almost all there is to know, in just a few little words. Every day, you are taken over by your environment and your mind, living your day just by being pushed and pulled by every little thing that happens around you, or by automatically repeating your past experiences. Every day, you react, you give your control and your power away, you succumb to emotions and behaviors that you don’t like, and you blame yourself and others for it. This is called being a victim.

Whereas, being the creator…well that changes the game man! When you are the creator, you simply decide, every day, who you want to be, what life you want to have… in total freedom, the freedom that only endless possibilities can give you. When you are the creator, every day you wake up knowing everything is possible…you do that in full awareness and with full intention. And the present moment is that magic and loving place where all the creation starts…

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